Bottled at the source in the beautiful hills of Tennessee.

Planet H2O is drawn from one of the deepest and cleanest freshwater aquifers in the world.

Planet H2O is committed to healthy lifestyles and the pursuit of sustainability.

Welcome to the best water on the planet.

Our planet’s most treasured resource.


Planet H2O is sourced from one of the deepest freshwater aquifers on the planet. While most of the world’s drinking water is found at or near the surface, this exceptionally fresh H2O comes from a newly discovered artesian aquifer hidden nearly a mile beneath the surface. You can enjoy a bottle of H2O that has been naturally protected from pollutants for thousands of years.

This aquifer is unique because it contains no tritium (3H), a radioactive form of hydrogen found at trace amounts in the atmosphere and drinking water across the world. Because it is nearly impossible to filter out, tritium still resides in most of the bottled water you find in the grocery store today. Only Planet H2O can provide you with a clean, tritium-free sourced drinking water.

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