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hydration facts for your fur baby

This month we’re celebrating National Dog Day and we wanted to make sure you’ve got plenty of hydration facts for that fur baby in your life. We’re still in the dog days of summer (see what we did there) which means while we are enjoying hiking, biking, walks and...

5 tips to drink more water

We are all guilty of not drinking enough water. It’s easy to get distracted in our busy day and become dehydrated which effects so much of our health. So today we’re sharing 5 tips and tricks that will keep you sipping throughout the day. Thirst is a sign your body is...

Top 7 benefits of drinking water

There are many benefits of drinking water. But unfortunately, many of us don't drink enough fluids, or at least enough of the right fluids each day to keep us properly hydrated. According to Medical News Today, here are some of the top health reasons why our bodies...

Hydration facts

Rehydrate and improve your mood, critical thinking and maybe even become a better kisser! Sounds crazy right? But according to the many studies on water intake and brain function, drinking the proper amount of water is an absolute must-have for our brains to function...

9 drinking apps to keep you hydrated

Are you getting enough H2O everyday to keep you hydrated so that your body and your brain are functioning at the top of their game? Do you have a favorite trick to help you remember to drink enough or do you use a tracking app? Here are 9 different mobile apps that...

Planet H2O

Planet H2O is proud to bring you one of the freshest and cleanest drinking waters in the world. After endless customer testimonials and being selected as a finalist in the 2017 Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Festival, we can truly say Planet H2O is “The Best Water on the Planet.”

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