Our Story

Planet H2O is proud to bring you one of the deepest and cleanest drinking waters in the world, tritium free. After the first crisp and refreshing sip, you can truly say this is “THE BEST WATER ON THE PLANET.”

In 2011, we drilled a DEEP exploratory well in west Tennessee, directly above a sealed aquifer that was unknown at the time. Hidden away for several millennia, this newly discovered and untapped aquifer is located at an astounding 5,000 feet below the ground. Several laboratory tests later confirmed the aquifer’s high quality water and production potential. At these rare depths for drinking water, Planet H2O is genuinely one of a kind. Our premium, great tasting H2O is filtered through 500-million-year old dolomite rock, which provides a naturally high pH/alkalinity and rich concentrations of calcium and magnesium.

Planet H2O is ARTESIAN, meaning that previously trapped water in the aquifer is constantly being transported towards the surface from natural pressures in the earth. Unlike most bottled spring/purified city water found on grocery shelves, our 100% artesian H2O contains both a good blend of natural minerals and assured purity from any dirty surface contaminants. One of these contaminants, tritium—found in nearly all drinking water today, is notably absent in Planet H2O.

What is tritium and why should I care?

Planet H2O is BOTTLED AT THE SOURCE in the rural and scenic town of Linden, Tennessee USA. We chose to build a brand new facility directly above the aquifer to bring you the freshest water possible. Bottling at the source eliminates any unnecessary transport of our product and diminishes negative impacts on the environment. Discover more about Linden.