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Are you getting enough H2O everyday to keep you hydrated so that your body and your brain are functioning at the top of their game? Do you have a favorite trick to help you remember to drink enough or do you use a tracking app? Here are 9 different mobile apps that can help make drinking enough water a no brainer!

  1. Water Drink Reminder allows you to create alarms and track your water intake for the day (Android)
  2. WaterMinder reminds you to drink water to reach your daily goals according to your body weight (iOS & Android)
  3. Hydrate Daily helps track your water consumption in an easy way, lets you set goals, see your improvements and more (iOS)
  4. Daily Water tracks your water intake, helps you plan a schedule and more (iOS)
  5. Waterlogged lets you set reminders, see your history and log your intake easily (iOS)
  6. Water Alert provides total control of your water consumption with daily logs and unlimited reminders (iOS)
  7. iDrafted Water awards you with different medals according to your achievements and helps you customize your target (iOS)
  8. Eight Glasses a Day does just what it says, helps you drink eight glasses of water a day by filling up the virtual glasses on  your device when you drink a real one (iOS)
  9. Drink Water Reminder calculates your water intake, identifies different types of drinks and tracks your water consumption (Android)
Staying hydrated can improve the quality of your kissing!

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